Washington D.C. – Museum of Natural History And Baltimore

We headed to the New Carrollton Metro Station, about 30 min. Drive, and caught the metro train into D.C.. Definitely the only way to go to not worry about driving in all of the D.C. Traffic and the nightmare of parking.

Obtaining our ticket was a little confusing and being Sunday, no one around to help so we purchased the one day pass for $14.50.  We still thought that was a good deal and worth the hassle it was saving us.

The ride was uneventful and the stop was within a couple of blocks of the Museum of Natural History.  The morning was very nice, a cool breeze and over cast so we did not have to walk in the hot sun.

We arrived just as they opened at 10:00 AM and did not leave until almost 4 PM.  This was our first time at the museum with no kids so Steve was able to take his time and see and read “e v e r y  l I t t l e” thing.  I wore out long before him and found a comfortable seat and read my current novel.
















We then caught the train home, later met up with Lindy and headed over to Dockside for another great seafood dinner.

We decided we would head to Baltimore on Monday,

Oh crap!!  It’s 3 AM and I can’t sleep.  I have a problem hip that frequently keeps me awake.  I normally keep my Advil and a bottle of water next to the bed but it wasn’t there so I had to get up.  As I was heading back to bed I heard water.  I knew this shouldn’t be so I checked back in the bathroom, nothing amiss.  I walked into the kitchen and stepped into a HUGE puddle of water.  For those of you that did not follow our blog last year, there is a huge design flaw with the kitchen sink.  If the water knob is not turned just right and the sink cover is lowered, it turns the water on.  This happened to us last year, it was a major catastrophe, causing a large amount of damage.  Our California family came to the rescue and fixed everything, better than new.  The water had filled the tank, backed up into the sink and then proceeded to fill up each and every drawer in the kitchen and then run out from under the push out.

I got Steve out of bed, he had to open the tank drain outside to let the tank empty out (this is the gray tank which is shower and dishwater). Once this was done, we then pulled out each drawer, emptied them out and layed out all of the contents to dry.  We mopped up all that we could, dried to the best of ability what we could and went back to bed.  Nothing more could be done until things dried out.  There was minimal damage this time because the old pressed board drawers had been replaced with solid wood last year so we just needed to let the wood dry out good.  (Thanks Dad, Kenny and Kim!)

We got up early and brought every thing back in but the wood needed more time to dry so we just left it laying out.  We also completely removed the sink cover to hopefully prevent this from happening again.  We decided there was no need to sit around and watch wood dry so we headed to Baltimore as planned.

We got a bit of a late start so it was lunch time by the time we got to Baltimore.  There was a Guy Fieri restaurant located in Baltimore and as we had enjoyed his restaurant in Las Vegas so much, we decided to try it again.  We also had a Groupon and it was located inside a casino, we just had to do it.

image image













We drove into Baltimore and our plan was to stop at the visitor’s center and hopefully pick up a city tour bus.  Would you believe they don’t have one.  They do have a free bus you can ride but no narrator which is what we wanted.  It’s nice to see all of the old historical buildings but it would have been nicer to know what they all were.

Anyway, we parked down by the harbor and walked around town.  The first thing we saw was the Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse.

image image













As we walked around the harbor and admired some of the old buildings, we also passed the Chesapeake Lightship which was built in 1930.  It was a floating lighthouse and was used for many years marking the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay.

image image image



















We walked over to the Baltimore World Trade Center for a bird’s eye view of the city and studied some of the old buildings as we went.

image image image image image image image image image























































Neither of us realized just how big Baltimore is until we saw it from the Trade Center.

While we were at the Trade Center, we read about The Painted Sisters which are a group of old row houses that have been painted in bright colors and the neighborhood restored.

image image image image image image





































There are hundreds and hundreds of these old row houses and many of the row house neighborhoods are now the “hot spots” and the row houses are being restored.  They are so unusual and architecturally interesting to look at, it is great to see them being restored. Many of them from the 1800’s.

image image













After visiting The Painted Sisters, we passed many other row houses on the way out of town.

We headed home and met Lidy for dinner at Dockside, another great meal.

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