Tishomingo State Park

May 2

We got a call Tuesday morning about 7:15 am for Steve to bring the RV in for the windshield replacement.  I was sound asleep (late for me) so it was a mad rush to get everything stored and secure in order to move the RV.  They had previously told us it would be either Tuesday afternoon or possibly Wednesday morning so we weren’t prepared for the early call.  However, we were happy to get the call, so we did what needed to be done and had the RV there within 30 min which was pretty good considering.

The morning was beautiful, only about 70 degrees and the sun was shining so we decided we needed to find a place to walk and get a little exercise.  Someone recommended the Tishomingo State Park in Mississippi which was only about 15 miles away.  So we headed to the park.

Welcome to Missippi

The park is absolutely beautiful and with the comfortable temperature, we hiked about a 3 mile trail and took some great photos.  Scroll over the picture for a description.

Front of Mauldin Cabin and bridge, built in late 1800'sBack of Mauldin Cabin built in late 1800'sAnother beautiful rock formation in in Tishomingo State 8Lots of flowers on the ground following yesterday's storm.Man made waterfall in Tishomingo State ParkMauldin Cabin built in late 1800's 2Steve in Mauldin Cabin, built in late 1800's

The park is know for it’s trails, rock formations and swinging bridge.

Another beautiful rock formation in in Tishomingo State 8Another beautiful rock formation in in Tishomingo State ParkAnother beautiful rock formation in in Tishomingo StateBear Creek in Tishomingo State ParkBridge in Tishomingo State ParkFun TrailsAnother beautiful rock formation in in Tishomingo State 8Man made waterfall in Tishomingo State ParkTrails not always easy to cross in Tishomingo StateTrees growing out of the rocks in Tishomingo State

So it turned out to be a great day. the weather was beautiful and we really enjoyed the park.

We headed back to pick up the RV and they requested we drive it for a couple of hours to test out the new windshield.  So we drove around Mississippi, down a bunch of little ad big roads and fortunately the windshield was good.  We had to be back in the service bay at 7:00 on Wednesday morning for them to do the completion of the installation, glue the windshield into place, so tomorrow will be another early day, at least we know in advance.

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