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May 3, 2017

Up at 5:30 this morning as needed to have the RV to the service bay by 7:00.  It’s only 5 minutes away but there is a lot to get done before the RV can be moved and we were going to be out of the RV most of the day so we had to pack up all of our electronics that we wanted to use for the day.

Anyway, all of that was done and the RV was delivered on time.

We thought we would try to find a good healthy breakfast, nope, that wasn’t to be.  Not in Red Bay, Alabama.  So we went to a neighboring town but it wasn’t much better but we had lots of time to kill.

We decided to go on the tour of the Tiffin Mfg. Plant.  They do have a great tour, they take you through every stage of building an RV from scratch and give you a lot of the history of the company.  We had already figured out that this was a Tiffin town but the numbers confirmed it.

Red Bay’s population is 2300. Tiffin employs 1500 and the majority of the others work for small independent companies that provide various services for RVs.  Most of them owned by former Tiffin employees that branched out and went into some type of service on their own.

But the tour was interesting and the woodworking was amazing.  The detail work that they did was quite impressive.

Tiffin RV Mfg Plant 6Tiffin RV Mfg PlantTiffin RV Mfg Plant 3

There were as many women working in the wood shops as there were men.

We spent the afternoon making a couple of reservations.  We don’t book too far in advance as we like to be flexible.   We will stay in Red Bay until Saturday morning, we will leave here and go to Tunica, MS.  It’s only a couple of hours away but we’re going to spend one night at the Casino’s campground and have a little fun and I’m sure contribute a little to the economy.

We were discussing this with another couple that put us on to another casino in Thackerville, OK, which is kind of on our route to the west coast, and that’s about another 8 hours away so we made a reservation to stay there 2 nights.  We’ll decide where we go from there, eventually making it to the Ft. Irwin area to visit our grandson and his wife.

We were able to pick up the RV at 1 PM, so we had an afternoon to catch up on various tasks and to get the RV ready for Thursday’s service.  It’s just  normal maintenance on the diesel engine and generator (we hope). However, in this model, they must have access under the bed to change a filter on the diesel engine, which means that big storage area under the bed that we load up has to be cleared out.  So that has now been done.  Steve will take the RV for service, I will head to the laundromat  so on Saturday morning we will be ready to roll.

Friday is open but if the weather permits, we plan to check out more of the Natchez Trace Parkway and a couple more of the parks in the area.

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