Red Bay, Alabama 2017

The temperature in Tampa was on the rise, time to head to cooler ground.





We left Tampa on Friday, April 28th heading to the Tiffin plant in Red Bay, Alabama to get our windshield fixed and a general service before heading out west.




We stopped in Aztec, Alabama and parked in the Walmart parking lot for the night before continuing on to Red Bay.  We generally try to be off the road by 4 PM and do not head out before 9 AM, avoiding as much of the commuter traffic as possible.  So other than there being an accident on I-75 Northbound in Florida, which caused us about a 45 minute delay, the trip to Red Bay was pretty uneventful.  The Walmart was clean and the parking area was well lit and provided a safe place to spend the night.  It also provides a place to walk around a bit to stretch our legs after sitting all day.

We utilize Walmart’s frequently when we just need someplace to park for overnight when we are in route from point A to B and can’t make it in a single day.  Keep in mind, we seldom exceed 63 mph and we drive from 9am to 4pm as  a general rule so we frequently have a need just to park overnight without the hassle of a campground reservation and paying for amenities that we will not use for the one night.

Pikachu in Aztec, Al.Walmart in Aztec, Al

We made it Red Bay on Saturday about 1 pm and found a spot in the park we like.  It isn’t much more that a big gravel lot with no trees, but it’s quiet and Tiffin will service what they can on site.  So the question is, how long will we be here?  We have no idea but we have learned to be patient and we will just enjoy visiting the other RV’ers and sharing experiences and enjoying the flowers.  It is also supposed to rain tomorrow night with some temperatures in the 50’s this week.  I am so ready for that!






I promise the trip will be more interesting as we go and the pictures will reflect the beautiful sights that we will see along the way.

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