Pre-2017 Trip – The Windshield History

The long and the short of it: Tiffin Breeze windshield history (04/28/2017)

October 11th, 2016, traveling from Wisconsin to rally in Memphis TN, rock hit windshield and we had a nice “blossoming” crack in the windshield. Insured of course, and after lengthy discussions settled on replacement at Tiffin factory located in Red Bay (Alabama), just east of the Mississippi border.


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Installation went okay. Windshield number 1. Drove home, Tampa, and had no problems.

Later, December 2016, Steve left Tampa to Fort Worth Texas for birth of 3rd son of oldest daughter, Tanya, Texas grandson number 5. Less than an hour out of Tampa the windshield (no. 1) cracked, top to bottom slightly to right of center (passenger side). This is what everyone is calling a “stress” crack. It was not dangerous, could not even feel the crack (picture below, crack can be seen running across the small, white, out building).

He went on to Texas as babies do not wait on repairs to windshield, and discussion with insurance said that they could fix the problem in Arlington Texas.

As it turned out the Safe-Lite dealer refused the replacement, liability issue according to him. Re-contacting the Tiffin factory in Red Bay they said they would replace the windshield under warranty from the October replacement.

To shorten this somewhat, windshield no. 2 cracked after one (#1) 12 mile drive out of Red Bay (#2); #2 replace next day and windshield no. 3 cracked after 1 hour  trip; replacing #3, windshield no. 4 cracked after  about 8 hours on trip back to Tampa. Will update on windshield no. 5 at end of April on trip for 2017 season.

UPDATE MAY 2, 2017: Windshield number 5 put in today and it is looking good.

First of all, the guys at the windshield shop at Tiffin Motorhome (TMH) are great. They had a learning curve on this vehicle, but were willing to put in whatever it took to ensure that we had a good windshield.

Lessons: The windshields, theirs came from Turkey, and the TMH coach are manufactured separately and, thus, may not fit as well as expected (or needed). It was finally discovered that the front cap was bowing out slightly, enough to put stress on the windshield in the middle of the run, thus the stress crack. The windshields previously put in had a gap of 1/16 to 1/8 inch on the sides but no space in the middle 3/4’s; and being pushed out the closer you got to the middle. What was required for our Breeze 28BR was for them to remove the screws holding the cap and with a three man approach, push the cap in enough to align with the ends equalizing the spacing for the windshield.

After installation, David (TMH technician, I’ve heard him called Doc) drove the Breeze for an hour testing the windshield for any stress crack(s). After he was done, I hooked up our tow vehicle and drove another 2.5 hours. No stress cracks (hopefully, no more). The lesson above hopefully will help any other RV owner(s) with this type of stress cracking. Thanks to the team: David, Barry and Craig (his prime job was tile work but helped out).

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  1. Judy says:

    So glad you were able to get in and out in a timely matter
    Enjoy your trip. Safe travels.

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