Maryland – Boats and Crabs

We had no intention of letting so much time pass between postings, it just seems we are constantly on the go or spending time with family that the day is over before it is started.  I may have messed up a little in the sequence of activities as after a few days it is hard to remember what we did on each day.  I guess we are at the age where we have to write it down when it happens, otherwise we loose track.

We didn’t do much over the July 4th weekend as most places were super crowded so we hung out with family.  We had dinner at Lindy’s on Saturday and took a few pictures of the horses on the  Six M Farm that she manages.  The next evening we had dinner and drinks at the Dockside Bar, which again, we ate great seafood.  On Wednesday  morning we headed to Annapolis  and  in the afternoon Lindy, Steve and I drove over to North Beach, which is a beautiful little town here on the western shore.  We stopped at a waterside restaurant called Mangos and had a great late lunch early dinner. The day was very warm with high humidity so we didn’t stay long before heading back.

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The following evening Brian and Christina (Lindy’s son and daughter-in-law) invited us to take a boat ride over to Cheasepeake Beach to the Rod n’ Reel Restuarant and Bar.  In addition to some great food, they also had a Jimmy Buffet Tribute band so we hung out on their beach and listened to some Buffet music.  It had been a very hot day but it turned out to be a nice evening after the sun went down and the boat ride was fantastic.  The sky and water were beautiful on the trip home.

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Friday morning we were up bright and early and joined Bootie in crabbing with a trout line.  We had a great time. The line was 1000 ft long.  It had a bait line attached about every 10 feet.  Bootie has it set up so that he runs the boat very slowly along the line and it pulls up the bait line and all I had to do was dip up the crab.  I had a great time and I only missed a couple of crabs.  We got about 3 dozen nice size crabs.  They have to be 5 1/4 in point to point to keep them so we had to dump about 4 dozen smaller ones.

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After crabbing, we took a ride over to one of the boatyards where they build these amazing boats. The boat that is almost completed is 70 ft long, the big one in the picture is being built for a Russian customer, it is 90 feet long.

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That evening, we had crabs for dinner with corn on the cob and a salad.  Life is Good.  Tomorrow we head to Annapolis.

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