Kentucky Countryside, Sunday June 26888

We were pretty much packed up and ready to leave when we decided there were still a couple of things that we didn’t yet do.  One was to drive around the countryside and see some of the beautiful horse farms, the other was to check out some of the covered bridges in the area.  Steve also was looking for some fresh blackberry cobbler and the city of Carlisle was having a blackberry festival over the 4th of July weekend so they mus have blackberries now, so that was added to the list.

So I headed up to the office while Steve reconnected us and was able to extend another day.

We decided to over to Lexinton to the only Apple Store so that I could purchase a keyboard for my mini iPad.  Hopefully it will make keeping up the blog a little easier.

As we drove through the countryside we saw some beautiful horse farms.  We decided in our next life we want to come back as a horse in Kentucky.

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We made our stop at the Apple store and began our hunt for the covered bridges.  We visited the Grange City Covered Bridge first.  Built in the 1860’s.

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The second bridge was the Ringo’s Mill Bridge from 1880.

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We drove on to the Goddard Bridge which the original date is unknown but thought to have been build in the 1820’s based upon the construction style which is the only bridge like it in Kentucky.








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There was an old cemetery next to the church in the background.  When taking a closer look, Steve spotted several headstones that had my maiden name “Hinton” on it.  I may check this out in the future.

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We were then in the vicinity of Carlisle so we stopped in.  Being Sunday, everything was closed but there were workers out setting up for the 4th of July weekend which also happened to be Carlisle’s 200th birthday and the Blackberry festival.  Most of those 200 year old buildings are still in use today

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As we walked around the town admiring the architecture of the 200 year old buildings, we were invited in to see the House Jail.  Probably one of the most interesting historic homes we have visited.  The woman who invited us in was a descendant of the family who once lived in the house and some of the furnishing were provided by her.

The home was built in 1820’s and in 1850 was converted to the jailer’s house. It had  4 cells, 2 were for women. There were 4 more cells added in the basement referred to as the dungeon cells. The dungeon cells were built in 1857.  It was used as a jail from 1850 to 1890’s    It is open for tours and various community activities.  It was very nice that they took time out to give us this private tour.

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Unfortunately, the only place that was serving blackberry desserts was closed for the day, however we found out that blackberries are not in season unti August, so the town freezes the berries for th next year’s celebration.  So we stopped on the way back to the campground and bought a bag of frozen blackberries which we had over ice cream.  We will have to wait until August to get our cobbler.

We had one more covered bridge that was close to the campground to check out. That was the Switzerland Covered Bridge., built in 1855.

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That pretty much wrapped up our day, tomorrow we will head to Maryland.


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