June 18, 2015

Thursday:   I’ll pick up where we left off last Sunday. We had a very nice evening with Lindy and Bob, Charlene’s sister and her husband. The weather held out and we were able to take a walk around the beautiful Broadmoor Hotel and finished the evening with drinks outside on one of the many terraces.

Monday the weather was predicted to be really bad so we moved our trip to Pike’s Peak to Wednesday, we had also booked a trip on the Royal Gorge Train for Tuesday, however as the day progressed the weather looked very good so we were able to do the train to Monday. It was gorgeous, I have a lot of pictures but only selected a few so as not to bore you too much. Monday evening it rained cats and dogs with a little hail thrown in to keep it exciting.

Tuesday we than went to the little town of Manitou Springs. We found it a little too touristy so did not stay long but we then went to the US Air Force Academy cathedral and that was quite stunning. I’ve included a few of those photos as well.

Wednesday the trip up to Pikes Peak on the cog railway was very nice. Again, we had some great weather and was able to take a lot of good pictures. Lindy and Bob joined Charlene, Kenny, Steve and I at the RV to check it out and to relax with a “couple” of drinks. Charlene and Kenny decided to stay on with Lindy and Bob and plan to meet back up with us in California.

Wednesday evening was busy, ensuring everything was packed and ready for an early departure Thursday morning. Fortunately we got everything done before we had another really bad storm, this one included a lot more hail about the size of marbles but everything had already been put away so no harm was done. We pulled out about 8:15 Thursday morning.

We headed up to I-80, north of Denver, than cutting across WY., Utah and Nevada to California. While we had a great time in Colorado, we were ready to move on and see something different. The scenery changes so quickly and again, with the pictures. In case you are wondering why you keep seeing Pikachu in the pictures, it is because these are for Nicky, my special grandson.

6 Arkansas River overflowing in Canon City

Arkansas River overflowing in Canon City






7 Arkansas River Canon City

Arkansas River Canon City







Canon City Park, Arkansas River






9 Royal Gorge Train

Royal Gorge Train






9 Arkasas River in the Royal Gorge

Arkansas River in the Royal Gorge






Pike's Peak

Pike’s Peak






14 Inspiration for song "God Bless America"

Inspiration for song “God Bless America”






8 Canon City

Canon City



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2 Responses to June 18, 2015

  1. Wendy says:

    Hi Margie,
    Your trip sounds wonderful! Keep up the blogging so we can ‘travel’ through you!

    • Margie & Steven says:

      Hey Wendy, we are having a great time. We are currently on the California coast trying to escape some of the heat. We just spent a week with the family in the Sacramento Valley with temperatures over 100 for most days. We will be heading north over the 4th and meeting up with my son in Oregon on the 6th. Hope all is going well at work, I do think of you guys often, tell everyone hello for me.

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