June 14

Day 1. We finally got on the road, well kind of. We were so proud we were up early, had everything in the house in order, the only remaining items to load was refrigerator items and last minute odds and ends (4 bags of odds and ends). We stopped at Starbucks and got our coffee and we are feeling good. It’s just a little after 8:00 am and we’re heading to Wesley Chapel to pick up the RV and we figured we would be heading north by 9:15. So while I loaded the fridge, Steve did his last minute checks. I was almost finished when I realized it was pretty warm in the RV. Yep, you guessed it, no a/c. So Steve and my brother-in-law Bill checked things out and it was determined that there was a problem with the A/C circuit breaker on the generator. So Bill found a guy not too far up the road so Steve took the RV while I waited in the comfort of my sister’s house. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t do well in the heat. Well, Steve calls and he now has to take it up the road (another 60+miles) as the first guy can’t fix it. So it is decided that since this was the direction we were heading, I would drive north and meet him at the Cummins Power South service department in Ocala. So we head north, I’m not too worried because there are air conditioned hotels in Ocala. As it turned out, they did not have the part and could not get it before tomorrow morning. However, they do have RV slots with power and water so we can park right there and be ready for service as soon as the part comes in. So we were parked by noon. We went looking for something to do while the RV cooled down. We did find a nice little local pub and had one of the best prime rib sandwiches I think I have ever had and areally cold beer. It was just too hot to cruise around so we headed back to the RV where we spent the afternoon storing the 4 bags of miscellaneous stuff. So, while day 1 was not as expected, it didn’t mess up any plans since we don’t really have any specific plans. We have no idea what the cost for this fix will be, but I guess it doesn’t matter because this mama ain’t going anywhere without A/C.

1st Night camp site as Cummins Service Center. Off to a rocky start.

1st Night camp site as Cummins Service Center. Off to a rocky start.



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  1. Linda Brewer says:

    Loved reading about your travels. Do you remember me from high school? Linda Higgins? It is Brewer now. I found you on FB . I hope you are well and I see you are enjoying life.

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