June 1, 2015

It has been almost two weeks since we have given an update. Time just seems to fly and with the added issue of limited internet access, it just seems there was not enough time. Let me try to bring you up to date.

Starting with the last week of May:

We finally got the cargo carrier issue resolved on Tuesday. We were lucky to find the parts we needed (cross bar to mount the carrier) but we spent a lot of time on the phone and the road getting it.

We picked up Melanie (Scott’s girlfriend) at the airport (Springfield) on Tuesday afternoon. She was with us until Friday and we enjoyed having her.

Last Wednesday was family day and we finally got to see Scott. Damn he looked good. He was released about 10:00 AM and was able to join us at the RV until about 8 PM.

Scott's Graduation from Boot Camp



Of course the first place we went was to the only sushi restaurant in town, fortunately it wasn’t too bad. We over ordered but that was OK as he was willing to eat leftovers. Damn he looked good.

7 Scott 7a Scott

He was able to change out of his uniform and wear shorts and all he really wanted to do was lay around and relax. We picked up some movies from Red Box and sat around and talked, watched movies and he took a nap. We got him back to base on time and made sure we knew where the graduation ceremony was going to be held and headed back to the RV. Did I mention he looked good?

Thursday the graduation ceremony started about noon and lasted until about 1:30, and yes, he looked really good, he was released and we headed to another restaurant, this time the food wasn’t so good but we headed back to the RV to spend the day. We again watched movies, talked about his plans and relaxed, it was a good day but knowing it would be awhile before seeing him again was a little hard.

9a Scott & Gramma

The good news, he is happier than I have seen him in a very long time and it sounds like he loves being in the Army, no mother or grandmother wants anything more than for their child or grandchild to be happy. So we said our goodbyes and took a few more pictures.

Melanie’s flight home was not until about 4:15 pm so we had some time to kill. On the way to the Springfield airport we stopped and visited the “Fantastic Caverns”. They were interesting and we all appreciated the distraction of saying goodbye to Scott. Steve and I probably more than Melanie but I think she enjoyed it as well.

10 Caverns

We found a very nice little restaurant in Springfield and had a nice lunch and then headed to the airport. The continued storms and tornado warnings delayed the flight a couple of times but Melanie finally got off and arrived home safely. We returned back to the campground just ahead of the storms and started preparing for our next move.

Finally on June 1, we left Boiling Springs and headed to Branson, Missouri. With all of the rain the river had risen quite a bit,it was time to go.

Gasconade River

Gasconade River – Before

Gasconade River after the rains

Gasconade River after the rains

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  1. Nancy says:

    Happy to “hear” from you again. Glad you got to enjoy your time with Scott. You must be very proud of him. (BTW – he has always looked good!) I’m really enjoying reading about your adventures – keep them coming!

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