It’s been a very long day. The part for the a/c arrived this morning as scheduled. The service was completed, we topped off the propane tank and we were on the road by 11:30.

Traffic was not too bad, lots of trucks but we had good weather, no accidents so it was pretty smooth until we got close to Atlanta. Unfortunately because of the late start we hit Atlanta right about 5:30 pm. Our original plan was to stop somewhere just on the other side of Atlanta for the night but decided to just keep going to the campground in Cleveland, Ga. We finally arrived about 8:15 which is late for us. Fortunately the sun doesn’t set until 9 pm so we were able to park before dark. The campground is very nice with lots of shade. I’ll include some pictures tomorrow. We hope to move to a different site so we can have a little more space, this site is pretty small.  We will contact our friends in Dahlonaga, hopefully they will be home, but we also want to explore some of the parks, lakes and small historic towns in the area.  We were very pleased with the temperature upon arrival, it was very comfortable.  It will be in the high 80’s tomorrow but the evenings will be in the 55-65 range so a nice change from Tampa.

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