Georgia-Raven Cliff Falls

Well, you may recall that our plans today were to visit 3 or 4 more falls today. That may have been a little too optimistic. We visited 1, however, the trail leading to the big one passed several smaller ones so we kind of did.

The hike to Raven Cliff was 2.5 miles one way. Most of it uphill, but fortunately gradual with the occasional steep climb. The trail scenery was beautiful but it was mostly roots and protruding rocks so you had to watch every step to prevent tripping.  The trail was also very narrow with steep drop offs on one side, it was very busy on the trail so we had to stop frequently to let those going in the opposite direction pass. We also let a lot of people go around us as we weren’t the fastest kids on the block.

It was only in the mid 70’s but felt warmer because the breeze coul not make it through the dense foliage.  We crossed a lot of little streams which I began walking through to cool off. The water was ice cold so it cooled me down quickly.

We made it to the cliff wall at the top. You could climb up the big rocks but based upon feedback from some younger and more athletic climbers, we decided we weren’t quite ready for rock climbing.  Plus we had another 2.5 miles to hike back to the car.  It took us about 2 hrs to hike up and 1.5 down.  We stopped a lot more often going up.

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We knew we would be too tired to prepare dinner so we stopped on the way back at Captain D’s and had lobster rolls.  They were actually pretty good.

It is only 6:00 pm and we’re ready for showers and to call it a day.  We did over 17,000 steps today so we are looking forward to relaxing. We still haven’t decided tomorrow’s route so I guess we should do that tonight as well.   Tomorrow will be a travel day once we decide where we are traveling to.

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