Georgia -Blue Ridge Mountains

Today was another beautiful day. We hung around the park waiting for the office to open so we could select a different site. We were able to get the site we wanted, right next to the stream, a little more space and more shade.














After setting up the outside we had some lunch and decided to check out Cleveland, Ga. That took about 5 minutes, so we decided to drive over to Blue Ridge and pick up fried pies from Merciers Orchards and to take a peek at the old homestead.

The drive over was beautiful. The Blue Ridge Mountains seem to go on forever.





We stopped along the way for several pictures.







We Stopped at the top of Blood Mountain.  This is part of the Appalachian Trail, close to the start or end depending on which direction you are going.





The view was spectacular.







It appears it is common practice to hang your shoes from the trees when you complete the trail.






I was going to hang mine but my slip on Skechers just wouldn’t stick in the trees .






Our next stop was The Drive-In Biscuits drive-thru in Blue Ridge.   Absolutely the best biscuits in the world.  It was too late to get the country ham and biscuit so we settled for chicken and biscuits.  Then we drove over to the old homestead.  Didn’t look like they had made any changes other than remove the grass and covered with straw for more parking.

The real reason for going to Blue Ridge was so Steve could get his fix of fried pies from Mercier Orchards .







So another good day. Tomorrow we will check out Gainsville, Ga.

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  1. DAD says:

    received the pies
    enjoyed them very much_– thank you so much

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