Gainsville, Georgia

Sorry for the lapse in postings. We’ve been experiencing technicals difficulties. Since our last posting we visited Gainsville, Ga. The town has a small town square with a lot of little restaurants surrounding it. Not much to see but it was pleasant so we walked around a bit. The overall town is quite large, they have a huge medical facility and a large University of North Georgia campus. After that we decided to check out Lake Lanier.  First of all, it is huge. 37,000 acres. We stopped by a couple of spots to check out the scenery.




























We also did a little hiking to ensure we got our 10,000 steps in for the day.   As long as we were in the shade it was quite nice, however our little hike (uphill I might add) in the sun was a bit much. It was time to head back to the RV for a cold one.

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