Day Two – May 13, 2015

Up early and was glad I had prepared the coffee pot the night before, enjoyed my first cup of coffee.

We slept really well, the A/C in the bedroom kept up very comfortable. Most RV’s are pulling out this morning but we are staying the day and will head to Memphis tomorrow. It is supposed to be 92 today in Troy so it will be a warm day.

We searched Google for any suggestions on the RV A/C and we will do as they suggest before we search out someone to service. If it requires service, we will wait until we are in our next campground as there are more options for service there including where we purchased the RV.

Believe it or not, there are a couple of things we need to buy so we are heading to our favorite store, Wal-mart, and we will check out downtown Troy and see what is there to explore.

Well, we stopped and had a nice breakfast at a local diner and headed to Wal-mart. Very typical and we found everything we had on a list and of course a couple of things we did not. However, they were very small and I knew where they would fit before we left the store.

We dropped off our purchases at the RV and headed to Historical Downtown Troy. Very typical of the hundreds of little towns in the south that is trying to make a comeback with little boutiques, art stores and antique stores. We browsed a few but it was way too hot to enjoy walking around so we headed out.

We spotted a unique War Memorial, I will include some pictures tomorrow, we’re having problems with the camera.

Our next stop was to Lowe’s. Of course, just like home we make frequent trips to Wal-mart and Lowe’s.

We bought a sheet of insulation (Styrofoam type). We have two roof fans and 2 sun roofs in the RV, the sun roofs particularly create a lot of light but also a lot of heat. As we are working with one A/C at this time, we needed to reduce the heat from the sun. We hope this will help while we drive down the road.

For the most part, it has been comfortable except from about 2 – 5 pm, a little too warm for me but it is already cooling down so it will be fine. We are working on several options to get service, it isn’t as simple as calling the auto shop and making an appointment for tomorrow, the first place we called said it could be 2 – 3 weeks, that’s not going to happen as we have someplace to be so we are working on alternate plans.

While Steve worked on the insulation, I cleaned the love bugs from the front of the RV, big window and mirrors on this RV, took more time to do the window than it takes for me to wash my whole car.

We have also spent a lot of time looking for things we know we packed but have no idea where we put it. I did say we had to get creative and the shower is now a storage closet, and that space we had set aside for our future visitors, well we have a couple of weeks to try to clear it again.

Well, it is 6:30, the day has flown by and we will have another simple dinner with a glass of wine. It isn’t as cool out tonight as it was last night so we will eat in.

Change in plans, we are heading to Red Bay, Al. Tomorrow to the Tiffin Mfg. Plant & Service Dept.

They will be our best bet for getting the A/C fixed. Not sure if we will get it done in the same day or if we will be staying overnight but I guess we will go with the flow.

We will include some pictures in tomorrow’s post.

Day 2 was an OK day, I think the A/C issue and the heat had an impact, but we will be off tomorrow and we will see what comes.

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