Day Three – May 14, 2015

We were up early and on the road by 8:00 AM. We are amazed at how well we are sleeping and not even getting up during the night to go to the bathroom (oh, yeah, TMI). We were much better this time in getting things stored and all of our tasks done. Or so we thought, we forgot to check all of the lights on the toad and had to stop to do that. We hadn’t gone far but still, it is one of the most critical things to do and we forgot it. We must do better with that. Today we are heading to Red Bay, Alabama where the Tiffon Factory is located as well as their major service center. It is a first-come first-serve so we know we will be staying over night at least one night and possibly 2. They have a campground where we will park until they call us in for service. Not much else in the area but we will have a chance to talk to lots of other owners and listen to more good advice which we may or may not follow. We did want to do the tour of the factory one day so this sounds like a good time to do it. We should arrive around 1 PM.

Arrived on time even though the GPS sent us on a scenic route that required us to go through the high school parking lot and fortunately an employee of Tiffin spotted us and knew we were lost so led us to the correct location. Just in case you did not know, if you are towing a vehicle, you cannot back up. So if you get stuck on a small street and cannot turn around, the only option is to disconnect the toad and back both vehicles up separately, so that is a hassle we did not want to go through.

We arrived at Tiffin and checked in, hopefully they will get to us tomorrow. If not, we will have to stay another night. In any case, the “campground” is more like a big dusty parking lot with power/sewer and water connections. There are at least 120+ RV’s in this lot waiting on service. Steve and I walked around the lot and only found one other RV the same size as ours, we are definitely the littlest guy in the park. It is interesting to see how the other RV’ers set up camp even in these conditions. They put out their potted plants, their grills, table and chairs and visit with each other as if they were in a park. We do have WI-Fi but no cable so it is a reading night or time to check out Hulu. We do have a satellite but have not subscribed to a service yet, we are still researching one that does not require you to use it full time. FYI, if traveling to the Service camp site be aware that, although there is WiFi, with this volume of RV’s there the connection service is very slow.

I discovered that my expensive Surface Pro 3 laptop/tablet does not have a slot for an SD card. Go figure, only one USB port and no card slot. Anyway, getting pictures loaded is taking us more time than expected but we are taking lots of pictures and will get them loaded tomorrow for sure. We will be waiting “our turn” for service so we will probably have plenty of time.

After checking in we made our mandatory trip to Wal-mart, yes, there were a few more things we needed, and stopped for a late lunch/early dinner.

Believe it or not, this was a good day. The insulation inserts Steve made for the sunroofs and fans really helped to hold the heat down so the RV stayed comfortable all day. So we will see what tomorrow brings.


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