Day Ten – May 22, 2015

Friday: We had just gotten up and was preparing the RV for moving, everything has to be in its place and secure, when we received a call from the campground in Missouri saying they had a cancellation and we could come on in. We decided we would do that as the other location did not have much to offer. Unfortunately we did not get to spend any additional time with our friends Judy and Al but we will hopefully sync up with them again later in the year.

We almost didn’t stop at the Big Bass Pro Pyramid, but changed our minds (and quick brakes and left turn by Steve). That place is amazing and while it is hard for most of us to imagine that a Bass Pro Shop can be amazing, you will have to see this.


Bass Pro Pyramid

Arriving at the new Bass Pro was quite an adventure. Unfortunately the people at Bass Pro did not allow spaces for RV’s, not too smart as this is a tourist attraction and RV country, but our suggestion was submitted. In any case, we double parked the RV, unhook the tow car, and park it separately. Not a bit deal but if it had been a hot day it would have been very unpleasant. Oh, by the way, another lesson learned, apply the emergency brake on the tow before unhitching, that way you don’t have to run to catch the car when it starts rolling. The car was fast, but Margie was faster.

The remainder of the trip went smooth. We stopped briefly at a rest stop where we ate lunch, we wanted to ensure we were in our campsite before dark. The new campground called Boiling Springs campground sounded great on-line, and within 20 miles from the Ft. Leonard Wood. The site is very nice from the standpoint it is pleasant, lots of trees and on a river. They rent canoes, paddle boats, inner tubes to use on the river so with this being Memorial day weekend, we expect it to be quite busy.

The down side is we have no wi-fi, and very little cellular service which means we cannot even use our hot spot. This is a major issue because we want Scott to be able to use Skype while he is here to talk to the rest of the family so we are scrambling to see what we will need to do to make that happen.

The next problem is the “ONE” shower for the whole campground is about as rustic as it could be outside a dip in the river. Now I know that the shower in the RV is about to be tested, so here we go.

In addition, we have a lot of stuff in the jeep but when company arrives, we need the back seat so that means we will have even less room in the jeep to store things. So we will really have to get creative “again”. Wal-mart, here we come. We were so proud of ourselves because we had gone 2 days without going to a Wal-mart.

We also met another family that is here for their son’s graduation. He is with a different group and had his graduation yesterday. He is going to be allowed to stay with his family during the day at the campground but has to return to his base every night at 7:30. So we will keep our fingers crossed but each group may have different rules so we will have to wait and see.

Obviously this will be a day late being posted as we will have to take our laptops to town and find a wi-fi that works.

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