Day Seven – May 18, 2015

I stayed up late last night watching a movie on Netflix. I had to use my phone hot spot as the Wi-Fi here is awful. I’m sorry, I believe I have mentioned that once or twice. It gets to the end of the movie, I mean like the last 5 minutes and I loose my connection and could not get it back up. So off to bed wondering if the movie really ended as I thought it would.

We jumped out of bed at 6:30 because these guys start work at 7:00 AM and when they call you in, you better be ready. So we were ready, and ready and still ready at noon with no word.

I decided to do something productive so I gathered up all of the laundry, my new shopping list, and headed out leaving Steve on standby in case we got the “Go”.

When was the last time you used a laundromat? Well, they haven’t changed much in 30 years or so at least not this one. I proceeded to load the machines (had to reload one as after putting in clothes and soap I discovered it did not work) and waiting my 30 minutes. I than proceeded to put them in 2 dryers, one for heavy and one for light, the heavy dried first, the light stuff I brought back still damp. After feeding it a dozen quarters I gave up. I then made my way to Red Bay post office to mail my grandson’s letter and to purchase a roll of stamps. After that I headed to Fulton, MS, to our new favorite Wal-mart Super Center, picked up all of the necessary things, left there and headed to Tupelo, MS, that is the closest Wine, Beer, and Liquor store. It isn’t sold in grocery stores, so that was an additional 40 miles round trip. But I stocked up on the wine and got Steve some beer and headed back to Red Bay.

Steve finally went up to the office to see if we could get any information. They assigned us to a bay, that is a biggy because once your given a bay number, you are on someone’s worksheet. Of course we thought we were on someone’s worksheet since last Friday so this was news to us. But oh oh, I ran into a guy who came in at the same time as us and he was assigned a bay today too, but he was given a time. We didn’t get a time so now we’re not sure if that means we are scheduled or not. I guess we will see tomorrow.

I had plans to cook a really nice dinner, bought all the fresh veggies and some center cut chops but then decided to wait until tomorrow night and so we ended up going to a Mexican restaurant in Belmont, MS. I did make Steve his chocolate-banana pie that he has become addicted to.

So I am now finishing up today’s post and will go head up to the showers. I’m re-thinking this idea of using our shower for a closet as these showers are not all that great, in fact, I think it may be smaller than the one in the RV. Again, this is a service center and not an RV park so I will hold off on a final decision here but I am already in the back of my mind deciding which items I am going to drop off at the goodwill.

I will say that while driving back from Tupelo today, I started getting irritated about all of this waiting, and then I realized, what would I be doing at home right now? Probably doing exactly the same thing every day, so at least this is different, I am talking to different people, I had never been to Tupelo before, now I have, so even what seems like a bad day isn’t so bad after all. At least not yet.

(Steve) Spent the day waiting, then cleaning, then re-arranging a lot of items that we had just gotten over re-arranging the day before. Bought a (cruising) light for the side of the RV, parts/service store a 5 minute walk from our “camping” site. Installed that. Took down the insulated panels from the fan and sky-lights and doubled the thickness and re-install them. Spent the day waiting.

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4 Responses to Day Seven – May 18, 2015

  1. joan says:

    Did you do a drive by of Elvis’ birth home?

    • Margie & Steve says:

      No, we did not but here is what we heard on passing by on the freeway, enjoy:

      Green, Green Grass of Home

      Elvis Presley Lyrics Words & Music by Claude Putman, Jr. Elvis Presley Lyrics
      The old home town looks the same,
      As I step down from the train,
      And there to meet me is my mama and papa
      Down the road I look and there runs Mary
      Hair of gold and lips like cherries
      It’s good to touch the green, green grass of home

      Yes, they’ll all be there to meet me,
      All creatures smiling sweetly
      It’s good to touch the green, green grass of home

      The old house is still standing,
      Though the paint is cracked and dry
      And there’s an old oak tree that I used to play on
      Down the lane I’ll walk with my sweet Mary
      Hair of gold and lips like cherries
      It’s good to touch the green, green grass of home

      Then I awake and look around me
      Cold gray walls surround me
      And I realize that I was only dreamin’
      There’s a guard and there’s a sad old padre
      Arm and arm we’ll walk at daybreak
      Again I’ll touch the green, green grass of home

      Yes, they’ll all be there to meet me
      In the shadow of that old oak tree
      As they lay me beneath the green, green grass of home

  2. Darla says:

    Sounds like you guys are starting to get the hang of this! Did you ever test the brownie recipe?

  3. Margie & Steve (for Margie) says:

    Not yet, but we will soon. Really, (REALLY) enjoying this. Wish everyone could be here (but not in the same RV). Love to all….

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