Day Nine – May 21, 2015

Well, I apologize for not updating the blog for the last couple of days but since we arrived at (Yogi) Jellystone Park in Memphis on Tuesday, it has been a whirlwind of activity. Tuesday evening after arriving we had just gotten settled in and was sitting outside with a glass of wine when we were invited to join a group of people for an impromptu dinner. We gladly accepted and met a group of the nicest people and we were made to feel so welcome. Everyone was from somewhere different and had their own story to tell, it was so interesting and there were some very funny stories as well. They were knowledgeable with various levels of experience and willing to share. The dinner was great and it was a very nice evening. Wednesday evening Judy and Al came over and we cooked out. It had rained earlier in the day, but it cleared up and the the sun came out but the temperature stayed cool and it was very pleasant eating outside. Our first full RV dinner and it was pretty good.

Thursday the weather turned quite cool, we had to pull out the jackets that we did not think we were going to need anytime soon. We had errands to run, we decided to give Wal-mart a break so we went to Target. Afterwards, we decided to have a late breakfast/early lunch so went to Yelp to see what was available. We found a place not far from where we are staying called “Fill Your Belly”. It had good reviews so we checked it out, it was a great breakfast and cheap as well, we will have to try it for lunch or dinner on our next trip. It was good ol’ country cooking. The chef did a great job fixing our order, shame that we did not have an opportunity to meet him/her. They offered a fried bologna sandwich on a homemade biscuit, we don’t see that on a menu everyday. We then went to Beale Street in old historic Memphis, home stomping grounds of the late B. B. King. It would probably be more interesting to go at night as it would be easier to see how glamorous and exciting it was in it’s heyday with all of the lights but during the daylight hours it looks pretty grim; however, there was live blues being played and we stopped for a drink and listened to the music and walked through the various shops. It was still an interesting trip. Upon arriving home our neighbors invited us over later to sit around a bonfire. There were several of us leaving in the morning so it was a bit of a farewell. We gathered up our wine, cheese, smores ingredients and headed over. It was another fun evening and we exchanged email addresses so we can keep in touch. We definitely will return here the next time we are in the Memphis area.

We will be heading down the road, on Friday, only about an hour away, to another park. Unfortunately we failed to consider this was Memorial Day weekend and by the time we realized we wanted to stay here longer, there were no vacancies so we have to move on. The next park we are going to isn’t as nice as this one is but it will be another new experience. We are also planning a trip to some super duper Pro Bass Shop, we will fill you in on that tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Day Nine – May 21, 2015

  1. Tim says:

    Sounds like it’s turning into something more than you imagined. Glad to hear you are
    having more fun now! Keep that sense of humor of yours, you crack me up.
    Hope the rest of your travels go as well.
    Tim and Marie
    P.S. Where’s that Steve, wth, your both funny people.
    Love you

  2. Marie Shrum says:

    I noticed this morning that Walmart had a surge in their stock prices every since you all hit the road. lol! Love reading this! Glad to hear you are having so many great adventures & fun! We love you both!

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