Day Five & Six – May 16-17, 2015

Up at 6:30 AM to the sound of rain. Had a cup of coffee, finished packing a few items and out the door about 7:30. We took our dirty laundry so we could wash it at the hotel, had our shopping list for Wal-mart and we were ready to go. On the road in our “toad” (that is RV speak for a towed vehicle, ours being a Jeep Patriot).

We searched Yelp for a good breakfast restaurant and found one called Brother Juniper, Memphis, TN. We got there about 10:30, there was a 1 hour wait so we knew it was going to be good. And the best part, you could wait at the coffee bar and have a cappuccino while you waited. It was a super pleasant way to wait and in no time we were seated. The food was great, a bit on the heavy side but the best biscuits I have ever had. We both were stuffed and ready to head to the Memphis BBQ and walk it off.

We pulled into a parking garage, maybe not the closest one but we needed the walk anyway. Steve flirted with the parking attendant and she parked us in a reserved spot as she wanted to make sure no one messed with our bikes on the back.

About the time we start walking, the sky cleared, it had been raining earlier, and the sun shone down OMG was it hot. Hotter than Tampa and because of the recent rain, HUMID. I may have sweated 2 lbs by the time we got to the entrance as the walk was in the sun all the way and we were probably about a mile from the entrance.

We had never been to the big Memphis BBQ before so we were unsure what to expect. It was not what we expected, but very interesting. They were all set up in the park on the river, at the entrance there were several vendors selling BBQ but only a few, then there were people selling all types of BBQ gear but the other 200 stalls were all contest participants. Our plan was to look up our friend, Al, who is part of the BBQ team for Qwatney BBQ; however, we knew with the judging going on, we had to make sure we were not interrupting him at a bad time so we took our time and walked around the various vendors.

My sister Patty recently let me use one of her Cutco knives, it was a really good knife. (I tried to talk her out of it but that didn’t work.) So low and behold, there is a Cutco booth selling knives, so we headed over. After ordering 3 knives which we will have to have shipped to our son’s house because they don’t have them on site, we waked away with another receipt to record.

Did I mention that I am tracking “all” of our expenses? Our good friends Judy and Al made it very clear to us that RVing is a different life style but definitely not a cheaper life style. Our expectation is that a lot of what we are spending now, primarily all of the Wal-mart trips, will begin to reduce, considerably we hope. I’ve never checked Wal-mart Stock, I think that is something Steve should be looking into.

Back to the BBQ Contest, we finally met up with Al and we visited with him and tasted some of the best BBQ ever. OMG, when you hear someone say that something melts in your mouth, this really did. Really good. However, they did not win and they still had a major task of breaking down the rig and display so we said our farewells and made plans to meet up next week when we will be back in Memphis with the RV, we hope. By the way, even tho they did not win this year, they did win in 2005, World BBQ Champions.

It was only about 3:00 PM and it was beginning to rain again with predictions of rain for the remainder of the weekend. We decided it was not a good time to visit Beale Street and tomorrow being Sunday everything will be closed for most of the day, so we decided to cancel the hotel reservations and head back to Red Bay. So we headed back to the car and the skies opened and the rain poured. We were prepared, we thought, so as quickly as we could put on our rain ponchos, we had one umbrella but the rain came so fast and blowing so hard, we were still soaked. The wind and rain made sure that every part of our body that was uncovered was soaked. We made it back to the car, more than a little damp but all in one piece. We headed back to Red Bay.

We stopped at a Wal-mart on the way back to complete our shopping list. We did pretty good but what is wrong with these people, they do not sell wine in these stores and we are almost out and tomorrow is Sunday and if we can’t find wine on Saturday, what chance do we have on Sunday?

The ride home was a bit exciting as we were in a storm almost the whole way. I am glad we were in the Jeep and not the RV as the wind was really blowing hard.

We made it back to the RV, we had a glass of wine and settled down with our PCs for the evening.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Not much to add today. It rained pretty much all day so we worked on some miscellaneous things in the RV, reorganized a few things, I prepared our first cooked meal (french toast and ham for brunch), we watched a couple of movies and read. We are keeping our fingers crossed that our service problem is handled tomorrow and we can be on our way.

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