Day Eight – May 19, 2015

What a day! First of all, we finally got the A/C fixed, I am going to let Steve add the details but in 2/10ths of an hour, after 5 days of waiting, the A/C is fixed for a total of $19.00 plus camping charges per day ($20).

On the brighter side, it was an interesting stay, we learned a lot and the next time we have to come to Red Bay (location of Tiffin Motorhomes manufacturing), and we are sure that there will be a next time, we know a few more do’s and don’ts.

After the Red Bay “adventure”, we arrived back in Memphis at the Yogi (Bear) Jellystone RV park where we had reservations. We have a bit of a dilemma in that with Memorial Day weekend coming up, they may not be able to accommodate us through the weekend, however they are working on it. But we also contacted our next location where we were not scheduled to arrive until Monday and they are working on getting us in earlier, so I think it will all work out. Worst case, we will spend the night in a casino parking lot for a night or two. (Please throw me in that briar patch.)

As we were sitting outside, we were invited over for an impromptu dinner with a group of fellow RV’ers, some of them permanent residents in the park, invited us for dinner and we had a great time. They were fun, interesting, and shared a lot of good information. Some really good food too, saving us from a boring salad for dinner.

So after a big dinner, lots of conversation and a lot of wine, this will be short tonight. I really want Steve to tell his story.

Okay, so enough hints about a “story” from Steve.

There are many things concerning the RV life-style, and the knowledge required to live a life-style where your home is on 6-8 wheels and moves periodically. A lot of that is (1) surprises that come with a home on wheels and (2) things that you do that are down right stupid errors. Not stupid because of you don’t know what to do, just stupid because you have not done your homework.

Example: Let’s suppose that you are driving out of Florida, heading North, and it is 100° F plus 95 plus humidity. Your AC stops working. So what do you do. Well, I checked the fuse and it was okay; so, we went to manufacturers location, for Tiffin, Red Bay, Alabama. It has got to be a major problem, right? 

The Tiffin service camp site when we arrive was red clay and gravel. Very dusty, no shade, 80+ RV’s in 4 rows, etc. (FYI, Red Bay was established in 1924 and named after Red Clay and Bay Tree’s). Their policy was First Come, First Serve. We arrive Thursday afternoon and had a technician see us the very next Tuesday. (This is the short story, give me a Scotch on the Rocks and the rest of the funny story will come out.) Anyway, after 5 days of wrunway_thumb[6]aiting, and they were very friendly, gracious, people, it took the technician 0.2 hour to isolate the problem. A circuit breaker and a fuse had “tripped” due to the extreme temperature/humidity. Not unheard of, just something that we (the we in
this case was me) should have known about and been able to track down.

So, the time spent was a very good lesson for me to go back to reading all of the literature, electronics diagrams, etc (i.e., the information that I should have paid attention to in the first place.) So beginning today, Tuesday, May 19, 2015, I start back into kindergarten to actually read all of the information that I need to learn, seek out online tutorials, and lessons from fellow RV’ers to learn what it takes to move a home (on wheels) across the U.S.A.  Will keep those interested up to date. 

We plan on being out of Tennessee by Friday, Saturday at latest, and into Missouri. Keep in touch, we sure will.

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  1. Christina Brinker says:

    Chalk it up to lessons learned – it happens to the best of us! Really enjoying reading about your adventures. Glad you are having a good time and keeping a sense of humor.

    Love to you both.

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