Dahlonega, Ga and surrounding Falls

Saturday was a beautiful day, high of only 84.  Coming from Tampa, that was a gift. We were unable to sync up with our friends from Dahlonga, we happen to pick the week they were out of town, but we decided to visit the town anyway. We had been there several times before and it was pretty much the same. It is a cute town built on a town square and surrounded by small shops and restaurants.  Small towns like this are pretty much the same, all selling the same stuff so it didn’t take long to walk around it. We did stop in the visitors center and picked up a map of the surrounding water falls. So we decided we would try to see all 8 listed on the map. The first one we stopped at was Dick’s Creek Falls.
















Lots of of locals use these fall as their “water park” with natural slides and pools.

We didn’t plan our day very well and realized we were hungry  and there wasn’t much around. On our way to the next falls we stopped at a little general store  Not much there but nice people  We bought a block of “Hoop” cheese, never heard of it before but it was good, a box of saltines (only option available), and 2 bottles of ice tea.

Once we arrived at DeSota Falls, we stopped along the way, found a nice large log to sit on and had a picnic.







Then on to  Helton Falls which was my favorite. It had two levels of falls requiring a little more uphill hiking but worth it.  There were kids sliding down the Helton Falls on inner tubes but I didn’t get a picture.
























The last picture is dinner.  We came home to a pot roast, potatoes, Cheetos, onions, mushrooms and jalapeños.  Served with a couple glasses of wine.  We than visited with our neighbors for a couple of hours and then called it a day. A few more falls tomorrow.


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  1. Jane says:

    Hi Margie & Steve – enjoying your travel updates. The hikes and waterfalls sound so nice and peaceful. I look forward to following your journey. Safe travels!

    PS I have to ask – Cheetos in your pot roast?

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