Casinos Bound

May 6, 2017

Saturday morning we were up early, finished our final load of laundry and was ready to head to the Hollywood Casino in Tunica, Ms. for a little R&R. 

It was interesting to see all the service bays at Tiffin closed and at the same time, the service lot was completely full with RVs waiting for service Monday morning.

All quiet at Tiffin on a Saturday MorningTiffin Service Lot, Saturday morning checked in for Monday

We were just about ready to pull out when we discovered that our water pump was not working.  Not good as you could not flush the toilet or run any water.  After contacting Dr. Norton (that’s Al Norton who is Steve’s go to for all things RV), Steve got it working (it knocked it with a hammer one time) but it was suggested we may want to consider purchasing a spare just in case future problems.  This is now on our list of things to do.

We made it to Tunica to the Hollywood Casino RV park about 1 PM.  Nice park, within walking distance to the casino.  We parked and headed to the casino to have a little fun and to make our contribution to the local economy.  We decided to drive over to Sam’s Town to have dinner and to play a few more slots.  By the end of the night, I was  $20 down and Steve was $60 up so all was good.  When we returned to the RV, we found a couple of the outlets were not working.  The critical one was the one we use for the coffee maker, however, an extension cord took care of the problem temporarily.

Hollywood Casino in Tunica, Ms.Sam's Town Casino

Based upon a recommendation, we decided to spend a couple of nights at  the WinStar Casino in Thackerville, Ok.  It is the largest casino in the world so we decided that was a good place to stop in route to Las Vegas.  It was going to be a 9 hr. drive so we wanted to get off early.

We were up and on the road by 7:15 am.  That is really early for us, usually when we say an early start, we’re lucky to be on the road by 900 am.  It felt good to be on the go  and looking forward to the next stop and all of the sights along the way.

Heading to Oklahoma

We made it to Oklahoma without any problems, the campground is huge and very nice.  We parked the RV, did not even take time to set up, just connected the power, turned on the A/C and headed out the door.  The temperature was not so bad but as you can see, this park has no shade, just a lot of concrete, and a hot sun.  The casino is about 2-3 mi from the campground but they run a shuttle every 15-20 min 24 hrs. a day.  The pick up was right outside our door.  That was about 5:30 PM, so we stayed and played, had some dinner.  I ended up with $20 to the good (made up for previous night) Steve was up about $40. so he was doing pretty good.  When we got back to the RV, we checked with Dr. Norton who suggested to Steve he may want to hit the reset on the outlets.  He did and they now work.

WinStar Casino RV Park, Thackerville, Ok. 3WinStar Casino RV Park, Thackerville, Ok. 4WinStar Casino RV Park, Thackerville, Ok. 2


Monday morning we slept in, I did another load of laundry and then we headed to the casino.  When you have access to a nice clean laundry facility, you take advantage, as your not sure what the next place will look like and some of them I choose to pass on.  The good news is we walked the complete casino both days which felt good after being so cooped up, and we had a lot of fun.  We got in over 3 miles each day.  Of course that much time in the casino was expensive.  I won’t discuss my losses in detail but let’s just say we now plan to skip Las Vegas on the outbound and will reconsider when coming back.

WinStar, Largest Casino in the World, over 1 1/2 miles inside

We have changed our plans some, Steve is anxious to get to California to see his dad who is not doing well.  We plan to get an early start tomorrow and  cancel all side trips for now so most likely there won’t be much to share for the next few days.

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