Bend OR to La Pine OR

July 8 – 9

It has been quite awhile since we updated the blog. It is amazing how little access we have to Wi-Fi. We assumed that there was free Wi-Fi everywhere and we would have no problems. What we are finding is there are very few of the places we are staying have Wi-Fi and if they do, it is so irratic or slow, we are unable to upload anything. While that is a big factor, I have to admit that by the time we get camped or return to the RV after a day of activities, prepare dinner and have my glass of wine (or 2), I put off writing. However, I plan to do better, not just for those of you that are following us but I find trying to remember everywhere we went, what we saw and what we did in the correct sequence is harder than I thought and Mr. Memory here (that would be Steve) is worse than me so for all of our benefit, I plan to do better. ((I resemble that remark, I think)).

(P.S., “per Steve”) Also, for those who will be traveling, the parks/camp grounds also appear to be in a location that barely, if at all, supports Cellular service. So far, neither Verizon nor AT&T have anything better than 1 bar. So our calls to inlays/outlaws and friends have been sparse.

Oregon, – La Pine, Bullards Beach State Park and Bandon

Wednesday – Thursday, July 8-9 La Pine & Bend

Wednesday morning we worked around the campsite and Steve cleaned the car and I worked inside. Joan and Ralph joined us for an early dinner at the RV and then we met them in Bend to listen to some music at McMenamins Old St. Francis School. McMenamins is an old Catholic School from 1936 that has been turned into a pub, brewery, classrooms turned hotel rooms and a bakery. They have live music there every week, this week it was a folk singer by the name of McDougall and he put on quite a good show. On the way home I really needed some ice cream and fortunately DQ was closed, just, so we stopped in Walmart and guess what! They had Tillamook ice cream! So we bought some white chocolate with raspberries, and yes it was very good!

Thursday we headed over to Joan & Ralph’s for a visit and to check out the changes they had made to the house since our last visit and to use their Wi-Fi to make some more reservations. I spent most of my time on-line but we checked out Joan’s garden and the Phantom screens they added to their master bedroom. (“Phantom” screens are basically screen doors that slide open/closed quite nicely). We plan to check them out when we get home. And of course we found new toys in the garage. I still like Joans motor bicycle, I’m thinking that may have to be on my wish list someday. We than took a run over to Costco where it was really hard not to buy stuff because everything was a package of 6 or more or was 2 – 5 lb bags. But Joan did put me on to some dried cherries that I’ve not seen at home and will make a good snack. I also picked up a couple of bags for my good friend Nancy as she makes really good cherry pies and I’m thinking she can put them to good use.

Ralph and Joan had had made reservations for two nights each at two state parks located on the coast, their treat, thank you very much! They are going to tent camp and of course we will be in the RV. The sites are approved for both so we will be able to share the sites which makes it really nice. We decided that since Ralph would have his car on the coast, we did not need to tow the Jeep. So after lunch, we left our car at their house and Ralph dropped us off at the RV. We all had things to do to get ready for tomorrow’s drive which we estimated to take about 5-6 hrs. We also discovered that Joan is a firewood collector and they had a load of firewood that they are bringing so we can have campfires everyday so they had to get their firewood loaded in addition to all of their camping gear.

Friday – Sunday, July 10-12 Bandon, Or.

We headed out on Friday morning about 10 AM, we decided to take Hwy 58 as it was different from the route we took over on Monday. It was kind of nice not having the tow behind us, we still couldn’t just pull over anywhere we wanted but it did give us some additional flexibility. Again, the scenery was beautiful and we stopped in a couple of little towns along the way in addition to stopping at the “Elk Park” to see the elk up close.  Wow, are they big. We also stopped at The Fish Man truck that sells fish from his truck. I did not take a picture of the truck but I should have but the guy was a real character. He had several newspaper articles that had been written about him hanging on the wall but the real news is he had halibut for $9.00 per lb. Even in the stores here it sells for over $25.00 a pound (or more) so we now have halibut in our freezer.

We arrived at Bullards Beach State Park which is located just outside of Bandon, Or., right on the coast.

Our campsite was C44 and it was great. All of the sites are back-ins but both the roads and sites are paved, level and spacious with lots of shade, big picnic table and a fire ring. The park was beautifully maintained and showers and bathrooms spacious and clean. Interesting set-up on the shower water, you push a button and the hot water comes out 30 – 90 sec (depending on which shower you use) and goes off. You can push the button as many times as you like but you also don’t have any control over the water temperature and unless you like your showers HOT, you have to step aside. No problem with water pressure either.

Ralph and Joan had arrived just a little before us and were already getting their tent set up. They have the whole process down pat and so we completed our set up while they worked on theirs. We than took a walk to down to the beach which is just down a path and over the sand dunes. “Over the sand dunes”, that little phrase means a whole lot more to us than it used to. We don’t have sand dunes on the east coast like they do on the west coast. It literally looks like a desert and while it may only be a couple of hundred yards, each step is like walking in quick sand. I quickly learned that barefoot was easier, still not easy but easier.

But the view was worth it, the water is beautiful but still too cold for me but walking along the edge was fun.

1 Mc Dougall

Mc Dougall (One Man Band)






2 Toy Collection






Small town









Dean Creek Elk Viewing

Dean Creek Elk Viewing












Pikachu and Elks









Salmon Carvings









7 Shelter Cove

Shelter Cove Beach






8 Shelter Cove Lighthouse

Shelter Cove Lighthouse









9 Bridge to Bandon

Bridge to Bandon






10 Bullards State Park Campground

Bullards State Park Campground


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  1. Nancy says:

    Cherry pie and dominos! Sounds great to me!
    Love reading about your adventures, but I am really missing you.

    • Margie & Steven says:

      We miss you guys as well and I’m looking forward to that pie.
      We are in Aberdeen, Wa. for a few days.

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