Back to Portland, Oregon (from Elma)

Friday, July 31 to Portland, Oregon

We headed to Portland on Friday morning and our first stop was to find the glass artist (George Glashaus) that I have been buying from, online, for the last couple of years. As it turned out, his studio is part of one of the McMenamin’s properties, this one is McMenamin Edgefield. You may recall that we have gone to McMenamin Old St. Francis School in Bend. This company owns about 53 historical properties that they have purchased and converted to a local brewery, winery, pub, hotels, golf courses, theaters and music venues. Each location may have 5 or 6 of the things listed or all of the above plus more. The one in Edgefield has a huge amphitheater, vineyards, vegetable gardens in addition to multiple pubs and restaurants, distillery, glass blowing and on and on.

After stopping in The Gorge Glashaus and talking to Peter Neff who we have purchased the olive oil cruets from on several occasions, we purchased a piece to add to our collection and than wondered around the facilities. It is quite large and they have a lot of variety, from their own brewery, winery, glass blowing, park, gardens and on and on.

We then headed over to our hotel which was quite a trip as we got into a lot of the downtown Portland traffic that we had been trying to avoid; however, we made it to our hotel and it was very nice. It was located in a business park but the good news is it is close to a train stop that we will use to take the train into Portland on Saturday.

After checking into the hotel, we went looking for a restaurant for dinner. We found a local brewery that was recommended and had a great dinner and a couple of local beers. We’re getting into these local beers as it is a really big thing in this part of the country.

After dinner we returned back to the hotel and took advantage of the big hot shower with lots of water pressure and called it a night.

Saturday morning we headed to a nearby MAX station and paid our $2.00 for senior tickets to ride the train into Portland. It dropped us off right at the Saturday Market (which we now know is a Saturday and Sunday Market); however, it was a hot day but the morning was still cool so we took advantage and walked through each section of the market. Each time we go it is bigger and bigger so we spent about 3 hours walking through. We stopped in Peter’s glass booth and I purchased another piece. We also stopped in another glass booth as I recognized the design of one of the pieces as something I had purchased in Florida. As it turned out it was the same artist, he had sold throughout the east including Florida and so I purchased another small piece from him as well. The only other purchase was a huge bouquet of fresh lavender, $5.00 for the bunch. The RV smells really good. We walked over to old town China Town and it wasn’t much there and was rather depressing, it was also getting awfully hot so we headed for the train stop.

We got back to the car and headed back to Elma. Monday morning we are heading to Shelton, WA. To Little Creek Casino RV Park.

McMenamins Edgefield

McMenamin Edgefield







Apples, almost ready

Apples, almost ready








3 McMenamins Gardens

McMenamin Gardens









McMinamin Garden cont.









McMinamin Brewery









McMenamins Handcrafted Pottery

McMenamin Handcrafted Pottery








Jerry Garcia Grateful Dead guitarist, Sculpture by Joe Catter













Portland Saturday Market

Portland Saturday-Sunday Market













$10 Bouquets

$10 Bouquets




















Line for Voodoo Donuts

Line for Voodoo Donuts (front of line near tree in background)










Portland Old China Town

Portland Old China Town









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