Back to D.C.

By Tuesday morning, everything had dried out so it was time to post things back in order.  The good news is that everything was cleaned really well and it gave us a chance to get things organized again,  It seems the harder we try to keep everything in it’s place, it soon becomes disorganized all by itself, or so it seems.

We then spend the remainder of the morning working on future reservations.  Our only commitment is to be in Maine for the Lobster Festival which takes place the first week of August, so once we locked that down we worked on the time between Deale and Maine.  We feel we’re in pretty good shape.  That actually took the rest of the afternoon.  Tuesday night is crab night at Skippers so we headed over early to get a good seat out by the water.  I know we had access to crabs we caught ourselves, but it is fun sitting out by the water with everyone around you eating crabs and making a mess.  Actually, the crabs we were paying $2. A piece for were caught by Brian (cousin) and sold to the restaurant.  Ambiance is a commodity.

Wednesday morning it was up at 6:30 and out crabbing again with Bootie and Lisa.  We did ok, a couple of dozen of really nice crabs.  By 10:00 AM we were back at the RV, showered, dressed and ready to head to D.C.

This time someone helped us with the metro rail tickets and we discovered we had previously bought the wrong tickets and there was a cheaper option.  So we got what we hoped were the correct tickets this time and headed on our way.  We got off on the wrong stop and had to get back on and go back a few stops but we had plenty of time so this was not a problem.

Steve wanted to visit the National Museum of American Indians.  We watched a few films and walked around.  Again, I finished before Steve and found a place to connect to wifi, did some updates and read my book.  He finished up earlier than expected so we headed over the the Museum Of Air and Space.

It hadn’t been that long ago that we had been there and after walking around a short while, we realized not much had changed.  We decided to take a walk out in the Mall with plans to take a few pictures.

Unfortunately, there is so much construction going on, it was difficult to get good pictures but we took a few.

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We then headed back home.  Steve hung out at the RV and I met up with Lindy over at Melissa’s house for a girls night.

That brings us to today.  It is 95 degrees with a heat index of 102.  Too hot to be out so we are spending the day at the library where we can catch up on the blog and other on line work that ww need to do.

The next few days look to be busy as we have a few more items on the calendar and we try to cram as much as we can into this last week in Deale.  The plan is to head out on the 25th of July, we have a campground reservation in  Pennsylvania.




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