Deale, Md, June 29 –

Prior to arriving in Deale, we wanted to run both the RV and the Jeep through a car wash.  They had gotten pretty dirty with the rain and dirt roads so we went looking for a truck wash that could handle the RV.  We found one listed online, called and confirmed they could do RV’s.  Sounded great, except getting in and out was a challenge.  They do big trucks, like dump trucks but not so much length.  We had to detach the Jeep in order to get the RV in, the turn was very tight.

It took some manuerving but Steve managed to get it through.  As we were only an hour away from Deale, we decided not to reconnect.  I led and Steve followed, for whatever reason, the GPS took us down every tiny road it could find, but we finally made it.

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We parked at my cousins’ marina, got hooked up with water and power and we were settled.  We went out to dinner with my cousins, Lindy and Booty and had great food, my favorite, crab.

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We decided to just relax and hang around Deale until after the 4th.  After that we will begin planning some day trips into Baltimoe, DC, Annapolis, Ocean City and the Eastern Shore.  So lots of activity coming up.

The temperature has been very pleasant but we have had a lot of rain.  It is supposed to get really hot this week so we will have to see ho that effects our plans.

We have been having great meals with the family and spending some time with my Aunt Mariam who is now 90 years old.

We’ve made arrangements to dump the holding tanks tomorrow at the marina across the street, not sure yet if that will work out but if not we have a back up plan with a campground that is about 30 min away that we can use.  Until then, we are watching our tanks very closely as it has been a week since they were emptied.

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